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375942_511464338911277_1208111065_nHere are some frequently asked questions about the consultation and planning process:
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“What should I bring with me to a consultation?”

Well, depending on your personality type, you may want to just bring your ideas and a cup of coffee and we will take it from there. However, if you want to go the extra mile then you could bring a floor plan of your space/room. If you are feeling really ambitious you could measure the basic room. A great idea would always be to bring photographs of projects you like to give us an idea of your style. Photographs of your home and the area you want to work on are very helpful but not necessary initially. If you would like us to measure or photograph for you, that is also an option.

“Do I need to take accurate measurements of my space?”

We will be glad to handle this part of the project for you, as the factors that determine what and how we measure are so different for each situation.

If you bring your own measurements, here is quick guide:

If countertops then: width, length and depth of each top. If a peninsula or island, measure separately and illustrate which sides are finished, where refrigerator is located, where range is located, type of range, and type of sink. If kitchen cabinets: wall to wall dimensions (accurate to 1/8”), wall to centerline of plumbing at sink, wall to any windows and doors include case moldings. Door which way the doors swing and the size of all doors. If in doubt, measure it!!! You can never have too much information. Model numbers of any appliances you are buying or keeping are helpful as well.

“What costs are associated with the various services you offer?”

I’m glad you asked. Our fees are determined by your requests. For instance, if you are interested in selecting a new countertop for your kitchen, we would be glad to come and
measure your countertops at *no charge to you as well as bring various samples along. If you are interested in changing your old brass shower enclosure to a new Diamon Fusion frameless system, we will give you an estimate based on a quick measure of your space at *no charge. Once the paperwork is finalized we will charge a $50 travel fee to template the glass for production. If you want to hire one of our designers by the hour to assist in space planning your kitchen or bath for a renovation, we have developed a program just for you. It makes the method simple and easy to follow. We will guide you through the entire process. Our hourly rates vary based on the complexity of your needs. *within a 60 mile radius.

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